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  • 1 course per participant. Sharing of a course will result in your courses being revoked
  • Course is valid for 60 days from purchase with 30 day extensions available at any time for $20.
  • Level 1 is the pre-requisite course to Level 2. Level 2 will become available once you have completed the final assessment in Level 1. 
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Level 1 & Level 2 Bundle

Yes! Elevate me to Skin Expert status ASAP! 

What you'll get:

  • Level 1 Online

  • Level 2 Online

  • $100 saving!

  • 20 hours of fun, engaging and relatable professionally filmed, bite sized classes designed to elevate you to Skin Expert status faster than you can say Langerhans Cell!

  • Extend your Skin Anatomy knowledge, learn how to prevent, rebalance and correct the most common skin conditions whilst developing your Consultation Skills in Level 1. 

  • Develop the confidence to effectively guide your clients through advanced Skin Conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation Disorders such as Melasma, Chloasma, & PIHP, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis & Peri-Oral Dermatitis using topical ingredients, lifestyle changes and internal supplements in Level 2

  • Downloadable, detailed workbooks with activities to help you retain all of the key information

  • Free catch up (phone call or video chat) with Lia to work through any questions you have post course

  • Professional completion certificate posted to you on completion of the final assessment. Show your clients how seriously you take your education & their results!

  • FAQ Document with extra information plus further reading and study suggestions


What People Are Saying:

I have always preferred and chosen post-grad training that is offered in person only. This is because I find that I benefit from the content of the course so much more when I am able to interact, or simply listen to other attendees interaction! My in-person training with Lia in Perth was cancelled due to COVID-19. When Lia announced that she would offer it in an Online format, I thought I would give it a go and I am so, so glad I did! I 110% recommend this format of learning! Now to Lia and her Level 1 & 2 content... Put simply, if you haven’t done it, DO IT! ASAP! Level 1 is a fantastic, in depth revision of Skin Anatomy & Physiology. Excellent for an experienced therapist, but also wonderful from a therapist straight out of college to build on what you learned there. Level 2 offered a more in depth look into specific skin conditions and how to effectively treat them. I learned so much! My brain was absolutely chockers and I was pooped at the end, but in the best way!! 😍 Lia delivers the information so so well. She makes it so easy to grasp and is more than happy to go back over things to clarify, without a blink of an eye. Being qualified in Naturopathy, she teaches a holistic approach which as we know is key to effectively treating skin concerns. Sorry this ended up so long! But I can’t rave about Lia and her Level 1 & 2 enough! It is the best skin A & P course I have done. I am about to enrol in her needling course! Thank you Lia 💕

Natalie LeFevre - AUS

Would absolutely recommend Lia, the courses are so well put together, informative and knowledgeable but so easy to understand and follow along. I have learnt so much throughout and truly appreciate Lia's time and effort that have gone into her work. Thank you!

Carla Hipper

I can not speak highly enough of Lia - as an educator and as a person. The knowledge that she has and the way that she shares it is incredible. She is always there for support, and she is seriously the best thing to have happened to my career and success as a skin therapist.

Lucy Salerno

I would just like to express my gratitude to Lia and her courses that she offers. They are very easy to understand and follow. I highly recommend these to anyone entering skin care profession and anyone needing to refresh or update their knowledge in this field.

Toni Tenaglia Broggian

I have already completed the original Level 1 and 2 of Lia’s Skin Education courses and now I am completing her updated version of Level 1 and 2. I have found that I am always learning every time I do the courses. Lia has an amazing way of making sure that the information she is teaching is well received and understood by all of her therapists. The courses are easy to understand and when you are doing them you find yourself craving more information and hence fly through the course. Thank you Lia for creating such wonderful content.

Jenna Hoadley

I have just finished Level 2 of Skin Education International’s Advanced Skin Course. I have learnt so much from Lia and now feel more confident in treating my clients skin concerns. I am actually sad it has come to the end as I have enjoyed Lia’s courses. Thank you so much!

Sarah Gianoli - AUS