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    Kind words from training participants

    Lucy Salerno

    I can not speak highly enough of Lia - as an educator and as a person. The knowledge that she has, and the way that she shares it is incredible. She is always there for support, and she is seriously the best thing to have happened to my career and success as a skin therapist.

    Natalie LeFevr

    I have always preferred and chosen post-grad training that is offered in person only. This is because I find that I benefit from the content of the course so much more when I am able to interact, or simply listen to other attendees interaction!

    My in-person training with Lia in Perth was cancelled due to COVID-19. When Lia announced that she would offer it in a Live online format, I thought I would give it a go and I am so, so glad I did! It is just the same as being in a classroom setting, minus the expense of having to travel (for me, 4 hours to Perth, plus food and accom) and extra time out of the salon!

    I 110% recommend this format of learning!

    Now to Lia and her Level 1 & 2 content...

    Put simply, if you haven’t done it, DO IT! ASAP!

    Level 1 is a fantastic, in depth revision of skin Anatomy & Physiology. Excellent for an experienced therapist, but also wonderful from a therapist straight out of college to build on what you learned there.

    Level 2 offered a more in depth look into specific skin conditions and how to effectively treat them. I learned so much! My brain was absolutely chockers and I was pooped at the end, but in the best way!!

    Lia delivers the information so so well. She makes it so easy to grasp and is more than happy to go back over things to clarify, without a blink of an eye. Being qualified in Naturopathy, she teaches a holistic approach which as we know is key to effectively treating skin concerns.

    Sorry this ended up so long! But I can’t rave about Lia and her Level 1 & 2 enough! It is the best skin A & P course I have done. I am about to enrol in her needling course!

    Thank you Lia and thanks also to my wonderful classmates!

    Danielle Tara Sackmann

    Both pre covid and present I have completed 3 of Lia's online courses and I would attend any more she puts together in the future. I recommend anyone thinking about completing her courses to just do it. Her easy to understand and beautiful bedside manner make her so lovely to listen to. Have thoroughly enjoyed my learning with Lia.

    Simona Mazenyte

    I highly recommend Skin Education International courses. I completed all available courses level 1, level 2 and skin needling: theory and practical. Even though I was not new to these topics, I still found it very useful and interesting I really enjoyed not just the information received in these courses but also the way they were delivered: Lia is truly amazing Thank you for making such valuable courses available world wide!

    Anna Dale

    Lia’s courses are comprehensive, easy to follow and manageable. Having the lessons broken down means you can easily fit in a lesson when you have a busy schedule and the information is so clear and concise. Not only that but she is delightful and a pleasure to learn from. I’m very grateful to have discovered Skin Education International. Thank you

    Lynne Dicks

    I have recently completed all of Live Online Skin Education International Courses. I have to say that Lia is the most brilliant teacher, extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind. I am constantly upping my game with further education but I have to say, what I have learnt over the past 6 weeks has been nothing short of amazing and a game changer for my business 100% . I have loved every second. This is by far the best training I have ever taken part in. Lia has such a lovely relaxed manner and makes all of her courses very enjoyable and easy to understand, she genuinely wants her students to succeed. Lia is very passionate in what she does and has been and will continue to be a huge inspiration for me. It was such a privilege to take part in all of the courses. This training has put me head and shoulders above my peers. I can’t wait to see what Lia has planned next . 5 stars and Very highly recommended, Thank you so so much Lia

    Debbie Andrea-Bartolo

    Thank you Lia for the wonderful knowledge and training you have given me. It has certainly given me a lot more incentive to give more to my clients not only for skin external but internal health as well.

    Carla Nicolussi

    Thanks Lia. The past 4 weeks have been great. I have learnt so much. You are so knowledgeable on all things skin and your teaching style makes it so easy to understand. I would highly recommend your course. Amazing. Thanks again.

    Sam Doolan

    Thanks Lia! A fabulous four weeks of learning all things skin. Although I have 25 years experience in the beauty industry, I have still walked away with a wealth of knowledge. Going back to basics and then building on that was so beneficial. The topic of skin is complex and can get complicated but you delivered it superbly! Thanks again. Sam x

    Mona Jihad

    Honestly the best decision I made after college was completing Lia’s courses. She has a way about her teaching that you instantly absorb everything she shares. A very informative course and easy to understand all the information you need to know to treat your clients. I can’t recommend Lia’s guidance and ongoing support enough!!

    Marie August

    Lia is extremely knowledgable and exceptionally professional. I'm so pleased I have attended your Courses Lia, they have been most beneficial. Your course structure and content are easy to follow and understand plus your delivery tops it all off to make sure that we retain the information! Very much looking forward to continued up-skilling with any future courses

    Jenny Alonso

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Lia you have a great way of delivering those lessons, easy to understand, and you explain things in such a way where it all just makes sense !!

    Frances Waterfall

    Lia has so much information and knowledge to share! Her course was super helpful and very easy to understand. She made the course very fun and enjoyable and I have learnt so much. Could not recommend more!

    Alanna Quinn

    Thank you so so much for your amazing course. You are brilliant!! I thought coming into the course it would just be a brush up on what I already knew, BUT wow I have learnt so much more from you and now have a whole new view on skin and skin health. Your truly amazing with your knowledge and teaching abilities, I found it so very easy to follow all the way through your courses. Thank you again. I have been sure to pass on your info to all of my beauty therapist friends. Alanna x

    Lauren Vella

    Lia is full of knowledge and explains everything very easily to understand! I have been loving her level one course and can’t wait for level two and more classes in the future!!! Love how is it all about treatments and ingredients instead of specific brands and devices.

    Kelly Beams

    Honestly could not recommend Lia's courses more! I have just completed Level 1 and 2 in Skin Education. Anyone wanting to learn about skin, this is 100% a MUST! Information was delivered so professionally and thoroughly, no questions were left unanswered!

    Lia would be the most knowledgable woman I have come across when learning about skin and after taking this course she has made me so eager and excited to learn so much more! Everything was explained detailed yet simply to get good comprehension.

    Lia you are amazing! Thank you!

    Nadia Dwyer

    I participated in the Skin Education International training which was offered online during the industry shutdown . W. O. W !!!

    I absolutely loved the flexibility of the courses & self paced structure. Lia has the amazing ability to explain things so simply & thoroughly. Even with over 2 decades in the beauty industry I can’t explain how much I learnt . Please do yourselves a favour & do the courses - you will love what you learn .

    Cheryl Jenkins

    Absolutely brilliant training course. Lia explains so much in her courses not just for you to understand but also how to explain it to your clients which is great for home care. Loved getting back into learning as its been a while and wasn't sure i'd pick things up, but Lia is amazing and the notes along with the link to watch back the following day was the best! Thanks so much Lia, I look forward to signing up for more courses in the future

    Sharene Christie

    WOW! I have just completed Level 1 & Level 2 of Lia's skin education courses and have been blown away by the depth of her knowledge, her professionalism, the course content and the way it was delivered. As a mature age woman who hasn't studied in years (and I mean years), I was a little nervous about my ability to absorb and retain the information given, but I really needn't have worried. Lia's ability to deliver the content in a structured, easy to understand way, was second to none and made it so enjoyable to be a part of. The workbook that was supplied will be my go to bible forever!

    Renee Sciascia

    This has got to be THE best training I have done.

    The depth of this training is absolutely amazing.

    Lia is so knowledgable I'm actually sad the training is over.

    I recommend this training to every person who wants to learn about Skin Anatomy and in depth knowledge about Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation and much much more.

    This training will make you go WOW!!!!

    Gail Fort

    Highly Recommend Lia's training. By far one of the best skin trainers I've met! Goes into an in depth knowledge and makes it easy to understand and explain to clients! Thanks so much for your amazing course and detailed information. I loved it!

    Tracey Macnamara-Jones

    I can't recommend Lia at Skin Education International highly enough. She takes quite a tough subject and breaks it down so easily for everyone to understand. She has such a great way of imparting knowledge easily. I completed both level 1 and because it was so easy went on to do level 2. I completed both of these online at my own pace. I have then received wonderful followup one-on-ones and emails with Lia, who was always personable. Thank you.

    Natasha D'Almeida Pinheiro

    I just completed level 1 and 2 on Skin Education and Lia is so informative. it was so beneficial to recap and learn new information about all skin concerns. Thank you.

    Melanie Spuria

    I have just completed Lia's online course and found it the most informative skin education I have ever done. Lia is patient and friendly and covers so much content. I highly recommend this course to all Therapists, it was amazing. Thank you, Melanie

    Renee Fennell

    I have just completed Level 1 & 2 online and wow! What a fun and interactive way to learn in the comfort of my home. I feel so much more confident as a Skin Therapist and am excited to start achieving some incredible results for my clients. Lia is so transparent and professional in her delivery and is the sweetest soul. Thankyou so much for having me

    Kelsey Fletcher

    I have just completed level 1 and 2 of the skin course and I loved every minute of it! Lia is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything in an easy to understand way! I would highly recommend and can’t wait to do another course with Lia. Thanks heaps Lia xx

    Carla Hipper

    Would absolutely recommend Lia, the courses are so well put together, informative and knowledgeable but so easy to understand and follow along. I have learnt so much throughout and truly appreciate Lia's time and effort that have gone into her work. Thank you!

    Emma Ford

    I highly recommend Lia’s education. She offers a wealth of knowledge and shares it all so generously. Lia is readily available to answer any more questions after the course is finished which is very reassuring. I was a bit nervous doing an online course but Lia translates theory into practice making it easy to understand for anyone keen on improving and keeping up to date with their skin knowledge. Thanks Lia! Emma @ EKO Daylesford

    Kate I'anson

    Completed level 1 and 2 and would highly recommend Lia’s courses to anyone. She’s is full of so much knowledge and explains things in such a straight forward easy way to understand. Doing the online course was also just like being in a classroom with her, and it’s so good to be able to ask questions and hear everyone else’s questions. I just feel like I’ve learnt so much and will refer back to my notes and videos for years to come. Thanks Lia x

    Martina Mc Cormac

    Just completed level 1 & 2 skin course, what can I say, it was amazing, Lia is such a beautiful human, with a wealth of knowledge, I have learnt so much, I was apprehensive on doing an online course, but it was like sitting in a classroom with her, she answered everyone questions, such a simple way. honestly I have thoroughly enjoyed the 6 days. Looking forward to bringing all my knowledge to my clients. I would highly recommend it.

    Bianca Honey

    Thank you Lia for all your time and enthusiasm over the 2 week course. I was so worried my hyperactivity would make online learning difficult and painful. It was so not difficult, it was really enjoyable. I was captured and switched on the whole time- its great to be interactive with other skin professionals and the chance to ask a million questions was great to get us all thinking. Lia you truly inspired me to re think so many things about the skin and I am so excited to share my knowledge with my clients soon. many thanks.

    Hayley McCarthy

    Having just completed level 1 & 2 courses, I am so happy with the training I received. Lia is very knowledgeable and thorough. I was initially deciding between the online self paced courses or the live online and I’m so glad I decided on the live online, I gained much insight into questions asked by other therapists and it felt exactly like being in a classroom. Thank you so much Lia, I will highly recommend. I am very excited to get back into the treatment room!

    Kylie Smythe

    Lia is such a fabulous teacher , full of knowledge of the skin and nutrition.

    Training via live is almost like being with her being able to talk and ask questions immediately. I have really enjoyed this way of learning without having to travel. Thanks Lia.

    Kylee Raffety

    I have just completed Level 1 and due to do level 2 .I have been a Beauty Therapist for 28 years and highly recommend these courses as Lia is a fantastic educator with a huge amount of knowledge and explains everything in a way that just makes sense. Its a 10/10 from me

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