• What We Offer

    Inspiration Through Education




    We look at the skin and its functions in detail whilst helping you understand how certain ingredients and modalities correct imbalances.


    We will also refine your ability to educate your clients on their skin – providing a platform for meaningful conversations, effective treatment and home care plans.


    This course is perfect for those wanting to:

    • Refresh their skin knowledge

    • Build from college education

    • Attend a foundation course for advanced training

    • Receive unbiased education on ingredients, modalities & treatment options


    Certificate: Skin Education International Level 1 Certification



    ACNE, PIGMENTATION DISORDERS (Melasma, Chloasma, Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation & Hypo-Pigmentation) & INFLAMMATORY CONDITIONS (Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis)


    Building on from Level One, we cover advanced conditions; how to diagnose, what’s happening on a cellular level, how do traditional treatment options work (Roaccutane, Antibiotics, Hormonal intervention, Hydroquinone etc), what are your treatment options, what part do internal conditions and nutrition play and finally how to optimise the results from EFA supplements.


    This course is perfect for those who:

    • Have attended Skin Anatomy & Basic Skin Conditions

    • Want to extend their knowledge and ability to work with the skin

    • Want to take their business/client results to the next level

    Certificate: Skin Education International Level 2 Certification



    Expert Training in Advanced Skin Needling Techniques


    If you would like to feel confident in your knowledge and establish yourself as an Expert Practitioner of Skin Needling - enroll now. Benefit from Lia's years of professional education in Skin Needling and either extend your current offering or start off at the very top right from the beginning.


    Complete the Advanced Skin Needling Theory Class component in an interactive Live Online Class which is the pre-requisite for the Advanced Skin Needling Practical Class; where you will master the art of performing a highly effective and comfortable treatment.


    In the Advanced Skin Needling Theory Class you will be:

    • Guided through the history of Skin Needling - let's progress rather than repeat old mistakes!
    • Taught what to look for in a device, your responsibilities with TGA, mitigating risk and why there isn't a need or reason for Topical Local Anesthetic. 
    • Provided with extensive guidelines on how to treat each Skin Condition and exactly what to expect when we work in each layer of the skin.
    • How to prepare the skin pre and post treatment for optimal results
    • Essential guidelines on creating a clinical working space to maintaining client & therapist safety
    • Optimal ways to combine modalities such as LED, masks & peels into treatments


    In the Advanced Skin Needling Practical Class you will be:

    • Able to watch a full demonstration of Advanced Skin Needling techniques - the treatment you learn will include how to work over the eyelid and lips as well as full face, neck, décolletage and lifting through the scalp
    • Learn how to put your client at ease, keeping them calm and comfortable during treatment
    • Perform a full Advanced treatment with hands on support to develop your tactile skills and create perfect clinical end points
    • All equipment (including the highest grade medical equipment & disposables) and products are supplied.


    Please Note - Skin Education Internationals Level 1 Course is a Pre-Requisite for Attending All Skin Needling Training.


    Advanced Skin Needling Theory Class is conducted in the Live Online Format


    Here's how the Live Online Courses work:

    • Log in for 2 X 2.5hr sessions to work through the course content
    • Receive a downloadable & printable file of the comprehensive workbook so you can follow along and take notes as we go
    • See Lia, the presentation and the whiteboard as you are guided through the course content
    • Interact – ask questions, listen to other students questions

    Certificate: Skin Education International Foundation & Advanced Skin Needling Training (on completion of Theory & Practical Class)