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    Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?

    Learn the difference between physical and chemical sun protection and why you can throw the 50+ straight in the bin.

    UVAgeing and UVBurning...

    Do you protect your skin from the sun at sunrise, sunset and on cold, rainy days? No? Watch this and see if we can change your mind!

    Do You Know The 3 Causes Of Acne?

    Acne can be a debilitating skin condition, in this video learn what Acne is and the 3 imbalances that cause it. The second video (to be released soon) will provide solutions to the imbalances allowing you to successfully balance the skin. 

    Dehydration - Why it's a bigger problem than you think!

    Dehydration is a skin condition that affects 97% of Australians - as the weather begins to change - find out why Dehydration is a bigger problem than you think.

    Vitamin B3 - Your skin's best friend!

    Learn why B3 is one of my favourite skin care essentials, with a powerful action against acne, pigmentation and inflammatory skin conditions.

    Collagen Essentials

    Learn how our skin produces the 3 main Dermal Proteins (Collagen, Elastin & Hyaluronic Acid) and how we can ensure we continue to produce the right amount of high quality proteins for Firm, Youthful and Resilient Skin!

  • What We Offer

    Inspiration through education





    Right back to basics! We look at the skin and its functions in detail whilst helping you understand how certain ingredients and modalities correct imbalances.


    We will also refine your ability to educate your clients on their skin – providing a platform for meaningful conversations, effective treatment and home care plans.


    This course is perfect for those wanting to:

    • Refresh their skin knowledge

    • Build from college education

    • Attend a foundation course for advanced training

    • Receive unbiased education on ingredients, modalities & treatment options


    Certificate: Skin Education International Level 1 Certification



    ACNE, PIGMENTATION DISORDERS (Melasma, Chloasma, Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation & Hypo-Pigmentation) & INFLAMMATORY CONDITIONS (Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis)


    Building on from Level One, we cover advanced conditions; how to diagnose, what’s happening on a cellular level, how do traditional treatment options work (Roaccutane, Antibiotics, Hormonal intervention, Hydroquinone etc), what are your treatment options and what part do internal conditions and nutrition play?


    This course is perfect for those who:

    • Have attended Skin Anatomy & Basic Skin Conditions OR

    • Hold a strong understanding of skin processes and cellular actions

    • Want to take their business/client results to the next level

    Certificate: Skin Education International Level 2 Certification

  • Online Learning!

    Study where and when YOU want

    Many of you are too busy to attend Face to Face learning, or you don't live close to a capital city...


    Online Learning means you don't miss out!


    Complete Level 1 and/or Level 2 in your own time and place of choosing.


    Comprehensive Videos combined with quizzes and an online meeting with Lia at the end of the course ensure you receive the same learning experience as our Face to Face participants.

  • Who We Are

    Lia Trebilcock

    Education Specialist

    Lia Trebilcock has been a leader in the Skin Industry for over 14 years. Lia’s passion for skin and working with skin conditions began while she owned her own clinic and worked alongside Naturopaths to get to the bottom of skin imbalances. Using a combination of nutritional support, professional treatments and home care to create healthy, vibrant and balanced skins.


    The results that were achieved led to Lia undertaking studies in Naturopathic Nutrition and stepping away from her business to concentrate on industry education. Working as a National Education Manager for companies such as InSkin Cosmedics and Jurlique has fuelled her passion for transforming Aestheticians and Clients lives through knowledge.



    “This is an extremely exciting time in the industry – never before have we had this calibre of products and modalities so available to us – we really can completely change a skin; never underestimate the influence this has on our clients lives and your level of job satisfaction!”

  • Consultations

    Need a second opinion or help with your skin?

    Second Opinion

    Every now and again, even the most knowledgeable skin expert gets baffled. In these cases, feel free to contact Lia for assistance. She can help with a second opinion or even complete a consultation with your client to get to the bottom of what's going on and where we need to go.

    Skin Consultation

    Would you like to personally benefit from 14 years of skin and nutrition experience? Book in a skin consultation and have Lia assess your current skin condition, lifestyle factors and dietary considerations to help get your skin in its best ever shape!

  • Testimonials

    Kind words from training participants


    Lia has amazing knowledge and great examples of how to use certain ingredients


    Whole day was excellent & the food was delicious. Loved every bit of training with Lia. Wisdom was delivered so I could understand well - can't wait for next time!


    Excellent training Lia. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and wisdom xx


    Training was very thorough, everything was set out in perfect order, Lia was very intelligent and spoke fluently about every topic and ingredient - thankyou Lia!


    Continues to blow my mind with Lia's knowledge


    Lia went above and beyond the book and presentation with her knowledge on the skin - WOW - so helpful!


    Very educational day, broken down into easy, understandable and relate able sections. Lia's knowledge is amazing and I like the way she presents it. Everything was a 10/10


    Best training I've been to - Lia's great!


    Was a great skin re-cap! In depth & interesting, it was easy to concentrate.


    Really good, easy to understand and steady (not too fast paced). Broken down to understand in simple form. Lia is very understanding and patient.


    Lia was brilliant, so much knowledge & a beautiful lady. This was the best training I've ever been to. It wasn't boring, I didn't loose interest.


    Lia knows what she's talking about, very confident.


    You're the BOMB!


    Lia was very knowledgeable! Best trainer I've had by far!


    Training days always get me motivated again!


    Excellent for the 'visual' person.


    Full of amazing knowledge - I feel as though there is nothing that needs improving.


    Brilliant! Amazing knowledge!


    Lia is amazing! Thankyou!


    Easy to follow, calm & friendly.


    Excellent overall course content, Very informative and easy to understand theory components, thorough and easy to follow practical demonstrations, notes are easy to understand and easy to follow through with, Lia is professional, kind, approachable and very knowledgeable.


    All 10/10, Lia you are fantastic - thankyou, great day!

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