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    Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?

    Learn the difference between physical and chemical sun protection and why you can throw the 50+ straight in the bin.

    UVAgeing and UVBurning...

    Do you protect your skin from the sun at sunrise, sunset and on cold, rainy days? No? Watch this and see if we can change your mind!

    Do You Know The 3 Causes Of Acne?

    Acne can be a debilitating skin condition, in this video learn what Acne is and the 3 imbalances that cause it. The second video (to be released soon) will provide solutions to the imbalances allowing you to successfully balance the skin. 

    All you need to know about correcting Acne!

    Now that you know the causes of Acne, let's discover how to rebalance skin function!

    Dehydration - Why it's a bigger problem than you think!

    Dehydration is a skin condition that affects 97% of Australians - as the weather begins to change - find out why Dehydration is a bigger problem than you think.

    Vitamin A

    Why you and your clients should be using it everyday!

    Vitamin B3 - Your skin's best friend!

    Learn about B3's powerful effect on Pigmentation, Acne and Inflammatory skin conditions!

    Vitamin C - Breakfast For Your Skin!

    Discover how Vitamin C works to correct pigment production, improve collagen quality, strengthen capillaries and provide antioxidant protection.